Tarot Consulting

With Parker The High-Priestess

Tarot Consultations

Tarot readings are a type of consultation. These sessions are similar to sessions with mental health, family, career, or relationship counselors. By giving the counselor a brief or detailed overview of your concern, symptoms, and feelings, the counselor is then able to diagnose the situation, help you create a plan for your projected outcome, and some suggestions on what you can do for yourself along your journey. Tarot counselors understand the importance of both physical and spiritual awareness.

Tarot Consulting with Parker The-High Priestess are sessions you will never regret! Every client that consults with me is kept 100% CONFIDENTIAL! You can book a single session or keep it going with a monthly package. 

Hit the book Consultation button at the top right, or you can email me using the form below if you have questions. 

Tarot Consultation PricingS=single P=package

1. (S) 30 min = $66.66 (Only Consultation)

1A. (P) $106.66 Includes:

  • 10 min pow-wow session (mandatory)   

  • 30 Min Tarot Consultation       

  • An emailed summary of the consultation  

  • 1 random Item from the shop.                                  

2. (S) 1 hour =106.66 (Only Consultation)

2B. (P) $126.66 Includes:

  • 10 min pow-wow session (mandatory)    

  • 1 Hr Tarot Consultation

  • An emailed summary of the consultation

  • 1 random item from the shop                                         

Email $36.66 (tarot consultation summary emailed directly to your email. No phone, or video consultation, email ONLY) Pow-wow session is mandatory

***pow-wow sessions*** are discussions before the consultation session takes place. All pow-wow sessions are MANDATORY!